Adjuvants Plus Inc. Business Model

Adjuvants Plus holds 15+ patents and several patents pending world wide, and has U.S. and Canadian registered trademarks for all of its major products.  Our passion for research has led to several innovations in the crop protection industry using conventional chemistry and biologicals.  The product development hurdles are set very high and driven by finding unique solutions to help growers improve crop production efficiency and yield in a sustainable system.  This is evident in all that we do.

Adjuvants Plus primarily commercializes its technology through establishing strategic alliances with companies through licensing, regional distribution and co-marketing agreements.  Adjuvants Plus aligns with companies that embrace “value-added” marketing underpinned with a customer-focused approach.  Adjuvants Plus approaches distribution alliances with other companies in a “partnership” manner that includes research collaborations and technical support.  Historically, the majority of our business has come from long term relationships with culturally compatible companies that continue to grow and expand their capabilities.  This, we believe, is key to success.