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The Sprayer Cleaner that removes damaging residues from your sprayer

    • concentrated, low foaming formulation
    • even hard to remove old deposits
    • double-strength formulation means lower dose and cost
  • SAFE
    • Safe for use on all internal and external parts of the sprayer
    • Ammonia-free – no unpleasant and dangerous fumes, expecially in tanks with internal agitation.
  • LONG SHELF LIFE – Three years minimum
    • for shipment and storage
    • Rinse water safe to be sprayed on just-treated crop
  • Twice the strength – half the use rate
  • One product for all uses

Adjuvants Plus Custodian™ is a balanced liquid formulation tank and equipment cleaner. It uses sequestrants and surfactants designed to trap and remove all pesticide residues. The product has been designed to keep your sprayer spotless both inside and out while targeting difficult to remove after spraying products such as glufosinate, dicamba and sulfonyl urea herbicides.

Flushing with plain water will not remove sticky, oily pesticide residues which can build up in spray lines, filters and nozzle bodies over time, causing potential cross-contamination and crop damage. Custodian removes the risk to the crop and the environment.

Not cleaning spray tanks and equipment daily can result in:

  • Active pesticide residue remaining in the tank
  • Crop damage
  • Maximum residue level being exceeded
  • Damage to filters, pumps, lines and spray equipment

Custodian can prevent these problems, giving leading decontamination and cleaning.

Best practice:

  • Start with a clean tank – old residues can react with new pesticides or nutrient sprays leading to deposits which are difficult to wash out.
  • Do not leave the a sprayer under pressure – this forces residue into the spray hoses and lines.
  • Keep the outside of the sprayer clean.
  • Clean nozzles and filters after every use
  • Read the Custodian label for full instructions on sprayer hygiene.
Custodian Modes of Action

Why cleaning and decontamination is so important

Spray equipment is rarely used for only one active and a single crop type. Every time the grower switches to a new crop or active ingredient, unless properly cleaned out there is a risk of crop damage. Pesticides and other crop chemicals can bind to the inside of the spray tanks, nozzles, filters, pumps and hoses. When combined with sticky adjuvants, deposits can become very difficult to remove. Water alone will not remove these residues and could increase the risk of subsequent applications to sensitive crops.

Custodian™ Canada Label


Adjuvants Plus Custodian™ – one product for all cleaning applications

Instead of having multiple products such as chlorine bleach, ammonia and detergent, Custodian offers a single solution for all pesticides, nutrients and other crop chemicals cleaning. I can also be used for 24 hour soaking of contaminated hoses, filters and nozzles to clean and prolong the life of these parts of the sprayer.

After Custodian™ Tank Cleaner

Adjuvants Plus Custodian™ makes the choice simple

Works on all pesticides, foliar nutrients and other crop chemicals. More effective than chlorine bleach or ammonia. Safe on all sprayer parts, inside and out. Custodian can also be used to soak contaminated lines, filters and nozzles for 24 hours to give a thorough clean.

Custodian™ example use rates

Water rateml/100 L1,000 L tank1,500 L tank2,000 L tank2,500 L tank
All pesticides2502.5 L3.75 L5.0 L6.25 L
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