Adjuvants Plus Brings New Technology to Canadian Market

Adjuvants Plus, Inc. is excited to announce their latest product introduction, a new breakthrough technology, to the Canadian agriculture market. Stick N Stay® from Attune Agriculture in the U.S., is an innovative spray utility modifier scientifically formulated to alter water and, as a result, improve the delivery of agricultural pesticides.

Stick N Stay is a technical advancement that delivers 3x more tank mix spray to the leaf, increases time as a liquid interface by 2x, and provides 4x the wash-off protection. Proprietary ingredients reduce fines and provide adhesion and strength, allowing more droplets to reach the target’s surface and stay there. Ingredients that reduce evaporation give each droplet a longer period on the leaf, giving systemic and translaminar actives the time to perform their respective functions.

Extensively tested for safety, as well as performance, Stick N Stay is compatible with a wide range of agricultural products such as insecticides, herbicides, fungicides as well as pheromones and other biologicals.

“Stick N Stay represents a true breakthrough,” says Dr. William Brown, Chief Innovation Officer at Adjuvants Plus. “This technology has the chance to make spray applications easier and much more consistent.”

“Years of research went into the development of our utility modifier technology and we’re thrilled to finally introduce it to Canadian growers,” says Greg Andon, CEO at Attune Agriculture.

For more information about Stick N Stay, or to purchase, contact your local retailer or Adjuvants Plus directly at or 877-512-4659.

About Adjuvants Plus, Inc.

Adjuvants Plus is a technology developer for agriculture. It has more than 100 years of combined experience in the discovery and development of agricultural innovations – with a focus on crop production. Sustainability is core to its being. Not only does it have the mandate to develop unique, high performing products – but it does this in a manner that is benign to the environment and safe to users.

About Attune Agriculture, Inc.

Born from over 100 years of hydrocolloid expertise, Attune Agriculture combines deep roots in food science and agriculture to create products dedicated to providing the world with agricultural tools that are both performance-based and safe for the environment and the people who use them. For more information, please visit