Who We Are

Adjuvants Plus Inc. is a Canadian-based, agri-business that develops innovative solutions to improve field and horticultural crop yields.  In addition to a growing portfolio of crop protection products, Adjuvants Plus has a natural biological business technology interest.  Adjuvants Plus is a diversified company with a solid, base business and is positioned for growth from a promising pipeline of new products.

About Us

Adjuvants Plus Inc. was built on the premise that innovation with existing chemistry would open up new avenues in the crop protection industry by creating added value for growers.  Product innovation can be measured in a number of ways, one of which is whether these inventions are patentable.  As a result, Adjvuants Plus has built a very exciting, specialized product portfolio that has utility in North American and in global markets.  Our technology provides growers with new tools to improve crop yields and increase returns in a sustainable manner.

Our History

Adjuvants Plus Inc, Kingsville, Ontario,  is a privately held Canadian corporation established in 2000.  The company was founded by Dr. William Brown and James Stewart.  As a result of Bill and Jim’s tenacity, their experience in agri-business and their network within the agricultural research community, the Adjuvants Plus Inc. platform was established.  Sadly, after a courageous fight with cancer, Jim passed away in 2012.  Continuing to build this business legacy, Bill, in conjunction with a strong management team, is growing the organization with new products and technology acquisitions. 

Adjuvants Plus Milestones

July 14, 2000 • Adjuvants Plus Inc. is established

2001-2002 • Field trials to evaluate weed control using acid actives

2002 • Acquisition of a fungal biological, EndoFine®, from the University of Guelph

• Canadian registration and distribution of liquid dicamba herbicide   

2003 • The Reddy It® adjuvant system was introduced

• MCDS demonstrated superior performance with glyphosate


• A strategic partnership was established with Adjuvants Unlimited Inc., to introduce a new, and patented, water conditioning product called N Tank® and distributor trademarked versions


• U.S. field trials underway for EndoFine® as a fungal biostimulant 


• Technical acid combinations patented in 13 countries


• Distribution agreement completed with Precision Laboratories 


• Licensing agreement with MEY to source Wise Up® herbicide


• Adjuvants Plus ventures the Western Canadian market


• Aligned with two new distributors in Canada 


• Licensed a micro encapsulation adjuvant system from Cornell University

2013 • Received the Canadian patent on EndoFine®


• Advancing development of new products in the pipeline

• Licensed 2nd Clonstachys rosea (C.r.) strain: focus – FHB

• EndoFine®Express: C.r. with enhanced adjuvants technology