CA Products

Adjuvants Plus Canada

ProductFunctionWhere Used?
One Pass Micros• Overcomes ion chelationPatented Foliar Nutrition
• Softens hard water
• Improves weed control -blended with micros
N Tense™• Overcomes ion chelationWith glyphosate, glufosinate
• Overcomes water hardness
• Stops herbicide inactivation
Reddy IT™• Improves weed control through balanced pHIn place of non ionic additives or crop oil
• Aerial applications possible
• Suitable for use with fungicides, insecticides & herbicides
DriftKnot™• Spray droplet modifier – slows evaporationSpray Utility Modifier
• Improved weed control
Custodian™ NEW-2020• Double strength advanced formulationState of the Art Tank cleaner
• One product suitable for removing all residues including dicamba, phenoxies & sulfonyl ureas
Stick N Stay™• Spray deposition aid, sticker, humectant, reduces evaporation and improves rain fastnessWith any translaminar or systemic pesticide or volatile actives like pheromones