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EndoGuard® Biostim SI

​​​​​​​Stronger roots, more natural defenses, faster plant development, higher yields.

March 7, 2024
12:00 PM CST



Additive Solutions for Farmers

Our patented chemical additives and biostimulants improve crop quality and yield.

Effective use of “add ins” are important tools for farmers. Use our additives to manage spray disruptors, eliminate barriers, and hard water effects to maintain herbicide performance. In turn this should boost your crop quality and yield.

Our products help:

  • Make cleaning of tanks easier
  • Micro nutrients and pesticides stick to plants
  • Reduce spray drift
  • Condition the water to prevent loss in herbicide performance

New Technology Now Available

EndoGuard® and EndoFine® receives registration approval for use in Canada, April 2023

New Technology Coming Soon

DriftKnot B2
degradation of volatile herbicides that fail to penetrate into weeds

Do you have these problems?

  • Poor Spray Water Quality
  • Tank Residues and Incompatibility
  • Natural Elements such as Rainfall,
  • Ultra-Violet Degradation,
  • Off target movement of pesticides because of Wind or Volatility

Adjuvants Plus has solutions.



Adjuvants Plus hold several patents and patents pending worldwide. Have licensed worldwide particle and vapour drift technology from Michigan State University that includes volatile herbicide degradation. Have several U.S. and Canadian Trademarks for our products.