Reddy It®

Reddy It®

Water Conditioner & Vapour Drift Control Agent

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  • Drift Control: Reduces Vapour Loss from auxinic herbicides.
  • Maintains performance of systemic pesticides that increase in activity at a pH below 6
  • Reduces loss of activity in High pH hard water resulting in better performance
  • Low use rate: 1.5 to 3L/1000 litres of spray (use low rates for foliar sprays on horticulture crops) use 2.5 to 3 L for insecticides, fungicides and herbicides like diquat and glyphosate.
  • Safe on all crops before and after bloom
  • Lowers spray water pH to stabilize activity of systemic insecticides and fungicides
  • Compatibility: maintains the integrity of the spray solution when applying foliar fertilizers
  • High tech, highly active, patented formulation
  • Reddy IT® is a superior pH adjuster for certain acid loving pesticides like 2,4-D & dicamba while reducing off target movement through volatility
  • Reddy IT® places pesticides in a better pH range for quick absorption
  • Reddy IT® is particularly useful with auxins, IMIs and sulfonyl urea pesticides
  • Reddy IT® is non corrosive and totally suitable for aerial and ground application
  • Reddy IT® reduces volatility loss of hormone herbicides from leaf surfaces

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Reddy IT® Easy To Use Rates:
1.5 to 3 litres per 1000 litres of spray water (30 to 60 mls at 5 gpa)

Use: 1.5 litres in 1000 litres (30mls in 5gpa) of spray solution when Reddy IT® is used under ideal weather and crop conditions. Also for Foliar Spray use with systemic insecticides and fungicides.

Use: 2.5 to 3 litres in 1000 litres (50 to 60 mls in 5 gpa) of spray solution when Reddy IT® is used when environmental conditions, water quality and or weed sizes make weed control difficult. Use the higher rates with herbicides such as paraquat, glyphosate or a sulphonyl urea.

Do not use with contact fungicides such as captan, mancozeb or chlorothalonil.

General Mixing Instructions:

  1. Fill spray tank 1/2 to 3/4’s full of water. Maintain good agitation.
  2. Add Reddy IT® first or last to spray tank (last when using sulphonyl urea herbicides).
  3. Flush inductor/injector with water before adding pesticides.
  4. Add glyphosate or hormone /systemic type pesticides and fertilizers.
  5. Finish adding water to desired spray solution volume—continue agitation and apply.

pH adjuster and compatibility agents 88%
Water 12%
Total 100%

Always read the entire label for instructions, use rates and warranties.

New Technology Now Available

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degradation of volatile herbicides that fail to penetrate into weeds



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